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Welcome to the Ski source

This website is devoted to all things related to the sport of winter skiing. We hope to provide useful and informational content on topics ranging from in-depth ski gear guides to comprehensive ski resort handbooks. All of our content is written by fellow skiers who aim to supply you with the advice, tips, gear, and inspiration to help you make epic memories on the snow.

About the editors

Our team is comprised of Jordan and Lauren – the owners and the skiers behind the keyboard. Both originally migrated from sunny Florida to beautiful Colorado, where they enjoy some of the finest snow conditions and ski resorts in the country on a weekly basis. 

Without growing up submerged in mountain life like some Colorado natives, Jordan and Lauren remember what it is like to first get started skiing and all the little things that go with it that they had to learn on the fly. The desire to build this website originated from wanting a resource that provided ski knowledge from an unintimidating, everyday skier’s perspective. 

Cat Skiing - Jordan and Lauren

What is unique about the Ski Source?

The editors sift through and analyze information for a living (ie “real jobs” – yes we have those). We feel that with the abundance of information on the internet today, we are uniquely positioned to provide well-researched, organized, and in-depth articles from a common skier’s perspective.

What does that mean for the reader?

It means readers can find information in an easy to find and easy to read format to quickly get answers to their questions and get out on the slopes armed with the best and most up to date knowledge.

Our goal is to share the knowledge and resources necessary to start skiing, become a better skier, plan an epic ski trip, make a wise purchasing decision, and so much more that skiing has to offer. And we do so in an easy to approach manner – there’s no shame if you are struggling to advance beyond the greens runs. Everybody has been there (even if some are too cool to admit it), and we are more than happy to guide you through it!

Ultimately, our biggest aim is to help others enjoy skiing as much as we do and provide everything anybody would need to make happy, epic memories on the snow.

Does this site make money?

In order to help compensate our writers for their time, effort, and knowledge, we may place affiliate links or ads around the site. These items come at absolutely no expense to the reader, and hopefully little to no impact on user experience throughout our content. 

You can read more about affiliate links by going to our affiliate disclosure.

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Best wishes – we hope to see you out on the slopes!