Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks & Sole Protectors

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One of the best ways to protect your ski boots during the season is to wear cat tracks. Sometimes referred to as ski boot sole protectors, these devices attach to the underside of your ski boots to provide traction on hard surfaces and help prevent wear and tear on your boots. So, to help you get around the resort and preserve the soles of your ski boots, we have put together a list of the best ski boot cat tracks.

You may be asking yourself if ski boot sole protectors are really necessary. Over time, gravel, concrete and hard packed snow wears the soles down. This in turn can make your boots fit less securely in your ski bindings, which can become a safety issue.

Hence why we highly recommend getting some ski boot cat tracks. They’re fairly inexpensive and can save you money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your boots. Not to mention, by protecting your boots, you’re also protecting yourself from risky situations on the mountain!

Ski Boot Cat Tracks and Sole Protectors: Product Overview

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Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks and Sole Protectors

Yaktrax SkiTrax Ski Boot Tracks Traction and Protection Cleats


  • XS: W = 2.5-6 / M = 1-4.5
  • S: W = 6.5-10 / M = 5-8.5
  • M: W = 10.5-12.5 / M = 9-11.5
  • L: W 13-15 / M = 12-13.5
  • XL: W = 15.5 / M = 14+

Favorite Features

  • Rocker sole design promotes natural walking stride
  • Rounded tread adds traction
  • Dual-density outsole protects boots from excessive wear

The Details

YakTrax SkiTrax make it easier and safer to walk around in ski boots. The rounded tread provides traction and prevents snow from building up under your boot, reducing the risk of slipping and falling. Walking around in ski boots can be a pain, but with YakTrax’s rocker sole design, you’re able to walk with a more natural stride.

These ski boot rubber grips are also easy to use. With a thick rubber heel tab at the back, you can get them on and off hassle-free. They’re also compact and foldable, so they can quickly be stored in your ski jacket or pants pocket. Lastly, the dual-density outsole protects your ski boots from damage. It’s safe to say that both your boots and your feet will thank you for purchasing a pair of YakTrax.

Skiskooty Ski Boot Ice Claws


  • Adjustable Boot Bottom: 225 – 300 mm.

Favorite Features

  • Retractable cleats are ideal for icy conditions
  • Versatile with adjustable sizing
  • Sturdy design that protects boot from gravel contamination

The Details

Skiskooty Ice Claws are a more heavy duty option if you anticipate walking around in your ski boots frequently or mainly in icy conditions. The steel points on the retractable cleats are the unique feature of this model. When you have a long walk to the parking lot on an icy day, pop the cleats out to get more ski boot traction. Then once spring time rolls around and the parking lot simply becomes gravel, pop the cleats back in and use the boot tracks normally.

Some customers have mentioned that the cleats are difficult to pop in and out, so be sure to test this a few times at home to “loosen” them up before hitting the slopes. The curved sole design allows you to have a more natural stride and protects your boots from wear and tear. Although the cleats have steel points for additional protection, the rest of the tracks are mainly made from rubber. Therefore, these are still a lightweight option that can easily be folded into your pocket when not in use.

Seirus Innovation 4150 Cat Tracks Boot Sole Protectors


  • JR: 4-7 (Boot size 22-35)
  • SM: 8 and under (Boot size 26 and under)
  • LG: 8 and up (Boot size 26.5 and up)

Favorite Features

  • Good value without breaking the bank
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Tested to fit all major boot brands

The Details

Seirus is the original inventor of the ski boot cat tracks and continues to be a market leader. One of the key things to keep in mind with these cat tracks is that you need to soak them in hot water before using them. This helps stretch the rubber and makes it easier to put them on your boots.

There is a tab mechanism that allows you to adjust the length of the cat tracks, which makes these a versatile option that fit most boots. Another great feature is that they’re extremely lightweight. Built mainly from rubber, these ski boot cat tracks are easy to fold and store away. They also keep your boot soles protected from gradual wear and tear and help preserve ski boot and binding compatibility.

Skiskooty Skiing Boot Traction Cleats


  • Adjustable Boot Bottom: 255 – 455 mm.

Favorite Features

  • Fold easily for storage
  • Curved sole design makes walking more comfortable
  • Fun colors to choose from

The Details

The Skiskooty Classic tracks provide both comfort and protection. The curved soles allow an easier heel-to-toe motion that feels more natural. Not only are the Skiskooty Classics great for walking around the resort, but they also do a fantastic job of protecting your boots. The traction soles are designed to prevent wear and tear from snow, ice, and other hard surfaces.

Made mostly of rubber, these tracks easily fold in half. If you prefer to not wear a backpack when you’re on the slopes, you can quickly stow them away in one of your pockets without even noticing them! The Skiskooty Classics also come in a variety of fun colors, so you can get a pair that match well with your existing gear. Fashionable and functional!

More Ski Boot Cat Tracks and Sole Protectors

Reasons to Buy Ski Boot Cat Tracks / Sole Protectors

Walk Confidently & Safely

Snow and ice is naturally slippery. Although ski boots have some traction, they’re awkward to walk in. It might sound silly, but it can be dangerous walking around in your ski boots for an extended period of time.

If you have a long walk back to the car or expect to hang out for après ski, then you’ll benefit from ski boot cat tracks. These rubber grips that easily attach to the bottom of your ski boots can be a game changer. Imagine – no more hobbling from your car to the gondola, worrying about falling. Make the trek safer and more comfortable with some ski boot cat tracks.

Protect Your Ski Boots

Your ski boots are one of the most important pieces of gear in your ski setup. They’re also not cheap. Therefore, it’s important to take care of them. Walking on hard surfaces, such as gravel or pavement, is not ideal for your ski boots.

This wear and tear can lead to binding malfunctions. The ability for your ski boots to effectively click in and out of your bindings is critical to your safety on the mountain. Ski boot cat tracks can help prevent gravel contamination of your boot soles. Extend the life of your boots by using ski boot tracks when you’re walking around the resort.

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Ski Boot Cat Tracks / Sole Protectors FAQs

This depends on how many days you ski per year and plan to use them. On average, they should last at least three seasons if you don’t abuse them too much. Be sure to rinse them off if they get mud or debris on them and store them unfolded in a dry place.

Yaktrax and cat tracks for ski boots are the same thing made from different brands. Yaktrax is known for their boot traction devices for a variety of winter activities, including hiking and skiing. Another popular brand, Seirus, invented the term cat tracks for their equivalent ski boot product. When discussing ski boot protection, the terms yaktrax, cat tracks, and boot sole protectors are often used interchangeably.

Most of the ski boot cat tracks on this list should fit comfortably in your ski jacket or pants pocket. However, we understand that sometimes this can feel bulky and can be an issue for women in particular because of smaller, tighter pocket designs.


Purchasing a small ski backpack may be a better option. Not only can you stow away your boot sole protectors, but you can also use this to keep water, snacks, and an extra layer on hand! If you’re concerned about getting your clothing or pack dirty, put your cat tracks in a Ziploc bag or pouch to keep them separated from the rest of your things. 

Final Thoughts

Ski boot cat tracks serve a dual purpose. Not only do they make your life easier walking around the resort, but they also protect your boots. If you have a tendency to be clumsy or live in an area with icy conditions, then it’s definitely worth buying these ski boot walking attachments.

They are reasonably priced and easy to use, so there’s not much of an excuse to not have these on hand. So what are you waiting for? We have already done the legwork of researching the best ski boot cat tracks out there. Pick the pair that are most appealing to you and start to walk with confidence and without fear of scuffing your boot soles!

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