Best Women’s Ski Glove Liners 2021

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Do you dread having to take your hand out of your glove to do something on the ski slopes? Then ladies you’ve come to the right place. Here we have compiled the best ski glove liners for women that help provide additional warmth and protect your bare skin from being exposed to the cold. 

So, what exactly are ski glove liners? They’re simply lighter gloves that can be worn underneath your regular pair of ski gloves or mittens. Liners serve as an additional layer of warmth, provide better dexterity, and wick away moisture to keep your hands dry and cozy.

Another great thing about liners is that if your hands do become too warm with them on, perhaps on a day that starts off cold but warms up with the sun, then you can easily stow them away in your jacket pocket. They’re there when you need them and not a nuisance when you don’t.

Here are some times when ski glove liners can be extremely handy (pun intended):

Women's Ski Glove Liners: Product Overview

Ski Source Favicon

#1. Dakine Storm: Best Overall ski Glove Liners for Women — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#2. Outdoor Research: Best Women’s Ski Glove Liners for Warmth — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#3. Icebreaker Merino Wool: Best Women’s Ski Glove Liners for Breathability — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#4. Hestra Merino Touch Point Liner — View on Amazon — Read Our Review

#5. Under Armour Women’s Liner Gloves — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#6. Roxy Women’s Hydrosmart Ski/Snowboard Liner Gloves — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#7. Smartwool Striped Liner Glove — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#8. Terramar Thermasilk: Best Budget Ski Glove Liners for Women — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#9. Outdoor Essentials Thermal Winter Glove Liners — View on AmazonRead Our Review

#10. Seirus Innovation 2120 Thermax Heat Pocket Mitt Liner — View on AmazonRead Our Review

Dakine Women's Storm Liner
Outdoor Research Women's Flurry Sensor Gloves
Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner

Best Women's Ski Glove Liners

Dakine Women's Storm Liner
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width 5 - 5.5'' 5.5 - 6.5'' 6.5 - 7.5'' 7.5 - 8.5'' 8.5 - 9.5''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 94% Polyester, 6% Elastane
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Midweight fleece keeps hands warm
  • Form fitting with snug cuffs
  • Fun color options to match your skiing wardrobe

The Details

The Dakine Storm are midweight ski glove liners that will keep your hands warm and happy underneath your outer gloves or mitts on even the coldest of days. Designed to be stretchy, these liners conform well to your hands and provide flexibility without sacrificing warmth.

These liners also have touch screen capabilities in the thumb and index fingers. A silicone gripper palm pattern also ensures you hold onto your phone while using it with the liners on. With stylish patterns and maximized comfort, you won’t regret having a pair of the Dakine Storm liners on the slopes.

Outdoor Research Women's Flurry Sensor Gloves
Small Medium Large
Width 6.5 - 7.5'' 7.25 - 8'' 8 - 8.25''
Length 6.5'' - 7'' 7 - 7.5'' 7.5 - 8+''

At a Glance

  • Materials: Alpin-Wool™ Plus 2L, 43% Wool, 38% Polyester, 19% Nylon Fleece with 100% Polyester Backer
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Combination of wool exterior and fleece lined interior provide significant warmth
  • Touch-screen compatibility that actually works
  • Superior dexterity and grip

The Details

Breathable, lightweight, and moisture wicking, the Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Sensor Gloves are great ski liners. With a wool exterior and soft fleece interior, your hands will stay cozy on the lifts and slopes. These gloves are snug but stretchy and have silicone prints on the fingers for touch-screen capability.

Grips are located on the palms to help you hold your phone and other items while wearing the gloves. Loops at the end of the gloves also make it easy to take them on and off. When not in use, you can snap the Flurry Sensor Gloves together so you don’t lose them! If you’re looking for a liner that can also be used as a standalone glove in winter conditions, also check out Outdoor Research’s Waterproof Liners.

Icebreaker Merino Quantum Wool Winter Glove Liner
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width 7.5'' 7.5 - 8'' 8 - 8.5'' 8.5 - 9'' 9 - 9.5''
Length 6.5'' 7'' 7.5'' 8'' 8.5''

At a Glance

  • Materials: Body – 88% Merino Wool, 9% Nylon, 3% LYCRA; Cuff – 97% Merino Wool, 3% LYCRA
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Constructed primarily with high quality merino wool, a moisture wicking fabric
  • Form fitting and naturally odor resistant
  • Suede palms provide excellent grip

The Details

Primarily constructed of merino wool, the Icebreaker Quantum liners naturally regulate your hands’ temperature and resists odor. The Lycra also improves the fit and breathability of the liners. They’re also very soft and comfortable.

The Icebreaker Quantum liners feature faux suede palms for enhanced grip. Touchscreen technology is built into the thumb and index fingertips, making using your phone easy. In addition, clips are attached to each liner so the gloves can be stored together.

Hestra Merino Touch Point Liner
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Width 5'' 6'' 7'' 8'' 10'' 11''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Polyamide
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Made from durable merino wool
  • Thin and breathable
  • Great dexterity for using your phone

The Details

Hestra’s Merino Touch Point Liner is soft and thin, making it an excellent additional layer for your hands while skiing or boarding. With blended merino wool, these liners are warm and durable. They also fit comfortably underneath your gloves or mittens.

Another great feature of these liners is their touch screen capabilities. Easily use your phone on the mountain if you need to get in touch with your friends or check traffic. Hestra is known for making high quality ski attire and accessories. These liners are no exception.

Under Armour Women's Liner Gloves
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Length 5.75 - 6.25'' 6.25 - 6.5'' 6.5 - 6.75'' 6.75 - 7'' 7 - 7.25''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 85% Polyester, 6% Elastane, 5% Polyurethane, 4% Nylon
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Plush and soft interior is warm and cozy
  • Form fitting cuffs keep the liners from bunching up
  • Water resistant construction for snowy days

The Details

Made from ultra-soft knit fabric, the Under Armour Glove Liners are water resistant and breathable. The soft interior provides warmth while wicking away sweat to keep your hands dry. They also have flexible, extended cuffs that help the gloves stay in place as you ski or board.

Under Armour’s Tech Touch print is placed on the thumb and index fingertips so that you can access your phone with your liners on. Silicone is also added on the palms for extra grip and durability. The Under Armour ski glove liners are both stylish and functional as they keep your hands warm and comfortable on the slopes.

Roxy Women’s Hydrosmart Ski/Snowboard Liner Gloves
Small Medium Large X-Large
Width 6.5 - 7'' 7 - 7.5'' 7.5 - 8'' 8 - 8.5''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Backpack can be detached from harness
  • Bright, easy to use leashes
  • Sturdy belts, buckles, and clips

The Details

Some of the most comfortable liners you’ll find, the Roxy Hydrosmart Ski and Snowboard Liner Gloves are perfect for any adventure on the mountain. Designed with stretch polyester polar fleece fabric, these Roxy liners easily slip under your regular gloves or mittens.

Roxy WarmFlight® x1 technology makes these liners ultra lightweight, breathable, and warm. The fabric is enriched with a unique, all-organic formula that hydrates and protects your hands in frigid winter conditions. The index finger has touch screen compatibility as well. The Roxy Hydrosmart liners take care of your hands so that you can continue to take laps at your favorite resort.

Smartwool Striped Liner Glove
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width 6 - 6.5'' 7 - 7.5'' 8 - 8.5'' 9 - 9.5'' 10 - 10.5''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 48% Acrylic, 46% Merino Wool, 5% Nylon, 1% Elastane
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Lightweight knitting for ease of movement
  • Rib knit cuff provides bulk-free fit
  • Soft to the touch with excellent dexterity

The Details

Made from soft-brushed merino wool, the Smartwool Striped Liner Glove locks in your body heat to keep your hands warm on the slopes. Both versatile and lightweight, these liners allow you to easily perform regular tasks while wearing them. With a slim profile design, the liners fit comfortably underneath your normal gloves or mittens.

A rib knit cuff keeps them from bunching up and the soft exterior makes it easy to pull them on and off. In addition, the thumb and index fingertips are touch screen compatible, which means you can stay in touch with your friends and family without freezing your fingers. Some customer reviews have mentioned that the Smartwool Striped Liner Gloves tend to run large, so it may be best to size down with these ones!

Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liner
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width 5.5 - 6'' 6.5 - 7'' 7.5 - 8'' 8.5 - 9'' 9.5 - 10''

At a Glance

  • Materials: 100% Silk
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Modern, stylish design
  • Comfortable and soothing warmth
  • Quick-dry technology prevents sweat and odor

The Details

Made from 100% pure silk, the Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liners are stretchy and smooth. These liners easily fit under your gloves or mittens and don’t bunch up. Terramar’s ClimaSense Technology regulates your body temperature and helps prevent your hands from getting sweaty and smelly.

Touch-screen compatible, you can keep these liners on and still use your phone. Given their lightweight, silk construction, these liners perform best while worn under durable, weather resistant gloves. Stylish and machine washable, the Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liners are a great value for skiers and snowboarders alike.

Outdoor Essentials Thermal Winter Glove Liners
X-Small / Small Medium / Large X-Large
Gender Women Women & Men Men

At a Glance

  • Materials: Nylon / Spandex Blend
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Yes

Favorite Features

  • Lightweight and moisture wicking fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric protects liners
  • Slim, athletic design for an affordable price

The Details

For a more minimalistic option, the Outdoor Essentials Thermal Winter Glove Liner is perfect for those looking for something that is lightweight but still does the job. These liners are snug, yet flexible, and are constructed with a nylon/spandex blend. The fabric is durable and moisture resistant, keeping your hands protected and dry.

Four-way stretch also helps them retain their shape and fit. With touch screen technology and an embossed silicone pattern on the palm, the Outdoor Essentials liners are ideal for regular phone usage. If you’re seeking a no frills liner to get that extra boost of warmth and comfort, without breaking the bank, this is it.

Seirus Innovation 2120 Thermax Heat Pocket Mitt Liner
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width (Front Side of Hand Only) 2.5' 3'' 3.5'' 4'' 4.5''

At a Glance

  • Materials: Shell – 100% Polyester; Cuff – 100% Nylon
  • Touch Screen Compatible: No

Favorite Features

  • Insulated without sacrificing breathability
  • Cozy and form fitting
  • Has a built-in pocket for hand warmers

The Details

The only mitt style liner on the list, the Seirus Innovation 2120 Thermax Heat Pocket liner is lightweight and form fitting. These are obviously not compatible with ski gloves, only mittens. Constructed with nylon and polyester, these liners wick moisture effectively to keep your hands and fingers dry. There is a thin insulating inner layer and soft outer layer, combining both comfort and warmth without any extra bulk.

The Seirus Innovation Mitt liners also include an integrated heat pocket that allows you to store a single use hand warmer for additional warmth. Also, One of the only downsides of these liners is that they’re not touchscreen. Mitts inherently provide less dexterity, so if you need liners that you can use easily with your phone, these may not be the choice for you.

More Women's Ski Glove Liners

Women’s Ski Glove Liners: Buying Guide

Glove Liner Materials

Ski glove liners are often made from a combination of materials, such as merino wool, synthetics, silk, and spandex. Thermal glove liners should be comfortable, lightweight, and snug without sacrificing breathability. Here’s a breakdown of the main fabrics used in ski glove liners so you know what to look for.

Merino wool is found in many ski and snowboard base layers and socks, as well as glove liners. Many people think of wool as being irritating and itchy, but merino wool is much softer to the touch. It’s an excellent material for ski glove liners because of its natural warmth and moisture wicking properties. Wool is also naturally warm and can retain heat even when wet. Therefore, your hands should stay dry and warm with a merino wool ski glove liner.

Synthetic materials refer to a variety of manmade fabrics, including polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. Similar to merino wool and silk, synthetic materials are breathable and dry quickly, making them great for skiing and snowboarding. Since it’s not as naturally warm, many manufacturers add fleece lining to glove liners made of synthetics to keep your hands cozy. They are also durable and lightweight, making them versatile for other activities, such as hiking and biking.

Silk sounds like such an elegant material for skiing and snowboarding, but it has many redeeming qualities that make it fitting for these sports. It is a highly breathable fabric that excels at wicking moisture away from your skin. Silk also dries very quickly. It works best as a ski glove liner, rather than a standalone glove, because it does not retain heat quite as well as other materials. Soft and smooth the touch, silk is less durable and can be ripped or damaged more easily if you’re not careful. However, this is also the reason silk liners feel so nice under your regular ski gloves or mittens – you’ll hardly notice they’re there!

Ski glove liners need to have enough stretch so that they’re easy to get on and off and give your hands the breathing room they need to generate heat. Elastane and spandex provide elasticity and flexibility, which helps to improve the overall comfort of your hands and fingers. These are secondary materials many brands use to promote some flex in their ski and snowboard glove liners.

Women wearing white ski glove liners


Sweaty hands often mean cold hands. As you work hard to ski or board, your hands may start to sweat in your gloves or mitts. The cold is then exacerbated if your hands are wet. Therefore, ski glove liners need to be breathable and wick away moisture to ensure your hands stay dry. This allows you to better retain heat and stay comfortable on the mountain. All of the choices on the list are breathable with moisture wicking properties to ensure you have the best day possible on the slopes!

Design Characteristics

Most ski and snowboard glove liners are very similar. Some features to look for include the cuff length and fit, storage clips, and pull tabs or loops. An often overlooked part of your body that needs to be kept covered while skiing or boarding is your wrists. Ski glove liners with longer, form fitting cuffs will help ensure this part of your arm is never exposed to the cold winter air.

Another feature to keep an eye out for is whether the liners can be clipped together for easy storage. If you’re prone to losing things, this is a great way to keep them together and reduces the likelihood of you just dropping a single liner somewhere. Lastly, some liners, such as the Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Sensor Gloves, have loops at the end of the cuff that help you to get them on and off. If you need to completely free your hand to fidget with something, it’s much easier to get your hand out of your liner using your other gloved hand when you have these pull loops or tabs.

Touch Screen Compatibility

Now that smartphones have become part of our everyday lives, most ski glove liners have touch screen compatibility. Some offer it on all the fingertips, while others may only have that capability on the thumb and index fingertips of the liner. In order for this to work properly, your liners must be snug and form fitting. If the fingertips are loose, you’re not going to be able to easily access your phone or other devices with your liners on. Be sure to test it out at home before committing to a pair of liners if this feature is important to you.

Woman wearing ski glove liners while texting


Many of the ski glove liners on this list can be used for other activities, such as hiking, jogging, biking, or even taking a winter stroll downtown. Keep this in mind as you make your decision. For example, if you enjoy running, you’ll want a liner that’s breathable and lightweight that can wick away your sweat. On the other hand, if you’re an avid cyclist, a liner that is windproof and waterproof may be important to you for riding against the elements.

How to Choose the Right Glove Liner Size and Fit

The best ski and snowboard glove liners should fit snug without being too tight. You want them to be able to easily slip under your outer gloves or mittens, so they shouldn’t be too bulky. Each manufacturer has their own sizing guide, which we included for each of the products above. 

Here are the steps to measure your hand circumference properly to ensure you select the right size. We recommend using your dominant hand for these measurements.

  • First measure the width of your hand by wrapping a flexible tape measure across your knuckles and around the palm of your hand (also called circumference or girth)
  • Then measure the length of your hand, start from the base of your palm and measure to the end of your longest finger
  • Using the width and length, consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine which size liner is best for you
  • If only one size is provided by the manufacturer (e.g. either the length or width), take both measurements and use the larger of the two to determine your ski glove liner sizing
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Women’s Ski Glove Liners: FAQs

Neither. For optimal performance, ski gloves should fit snugly without being too tight. There should be enough space at the end of your fingers when they’re outstretched for you to pinch about a quarter of an inch of fabric. Your palm should fit completely inside the cuff so your wrist remains covered as well. Having a proper fit is critical to keeping your hands warm and comfortable on the mountain.

One of the most common reasons your hands and fingers get cold while wearing gloves is because they do not fit properly. The body heat from your hands is what keeps you warm, so the right amount of space needs to be available for this heat to circulate. Gloves that are too tight don’t allow for this circulation at all, while ones that are too loose have too much space in them that cannot be heated well. Ski glove liners help provide additional warmth and could be the solution for you. Additionally, perhaps mittens, rather than gloves, may be a better fit if you’re constantly cold.

It depends (we know everyone loves that answer). Choosing to wear mittens vs. gloves is up to personal preference as both work well for skiing and snowboarding. Mittens are typically warmer, while gloves provide better dexterity. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure they are constructed with high quality materials that are breathable and waterproof. If you’re really unsure, you can always go with the hybrid lobster style glove which combines the best features of both!

Glove liners serve as an additional layer of warmth for your hands and fingers and can help wick away sweat so that your outer gloves or mittens don’t get wet. For cold, windy days, it’s helpful to have a pair of liners on to keep your hands comfortable and toasty. Also, everyone relies on their smartphones these days while on the mountain, whether to get in touch with someone in their group or get a head start on finding a spot for apres. Most ski liners have touch screen compatibility, which is super nice. You can use your phone outside without freezing your fingers off.

No, plenty of people simply wear their outer gloves or mittens without any liners while skiing or snowboarding. Whether glover liners will help you largely depends on the weather conditions you’ll be riding in and your own cold tolerance. If it’s going to be a particularly cold or windy day, liners can help provide an additional layer of warmth and keep your hands covered if you need to temporarily take off your outer gloves to use your phone or something. I personally always wear ski glove liners, even on sunny spring days, because I prefer to have my hands protected at all times. For mild days, I wear lighter outer gloves with my liners, and on cold days I wear my ultra warm mittens with my liners.

Good quality glove liners work well. Be sure to look at the liners’ materials, design, and reviews to ensure they will meet your expectations. The best ski and snowboard glove liners keep your hands warm, wick away moisture, and allow you to use your phone while on the slopes.

Yes, but they’re not quite as warm as other materials, such as wool. Since glove liners are meant to be worn underneath an outer glove or mitt, silk glove liners work well for skiing and snowboarding. Check out the Terramar Thermasilk if you’re looking for a great lightweight, slim liner.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on skiing or snowboarding more than a few days this season, you should definitely look into ski glove liners. Now that I have them, I cannot imagine going to the mountains without them. They provide that extra boost of warmth you need, while wicking away that smelly sweat you don’t need.

Plus, they’re comfortable and can be used for a multitude of other outdoor activities in the winter. Hopefully this list of the best ski glove liners for women has helped with your purchasing decision. Stay warm out there!

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